Saturday 27 February 2021

Planning & Supervising Grid Security Deputy

In line with the main objectives of IGMC, the main processes of this department are as follows:

  • Developing the strategies and strategic planning of Iran Grid Management Company with regard to grid security
  • Preparing and developing the road map of electric power Industry generation and transmission network protection systems
  • Expanding and upgrading the smart systems of transmission network with the aid of phasor systems
  • Supervision on preparing and developing different required statistics of the electric power industry for various segments

Significant Duties:

  • Standards Section
    • Regular review of the present or revised instructions based on the company's long term plan
    • Supervision on observance of the power transmission grid operation instructions and standards
    • Co-operation on preparing and developing the methods, instructions, and executive regulations related to the company's objectives and subject of activity
    • Co-operation with the Ministry of Energy Standard Secretariat regarding the company's developed instructions and standards approval
  • Research Section
    • Developing and updating research road map annually
    • Receiving different departments research priorities based on the road map and pursuing TAVANIR's approval
    • Receiving and performing primitive investigation on all of the research projects proposals
    • High level supervision on the proper and timely conduction of the research projects
    • Arranging the company's research budget agreement
    • Controlling and conducting research projects leading to manufacturing
  • Transmission grid modification and optimization
    • Identifying transmission grid modification and optimization plans necessary for stability improvement and increasing grid and important stations security plans and allocating necessary budget
    • Supervising and performing periodical visits in order to investigate the projects progress process
    • Supervision on observance of the transmission grid specific protections notified instructions

Significant Duties:

  • Receiving the grid equipment information from the regional transmission companies, and power plants equipment from the country's power plants. Verifying and inserting the info in the grid equipment database PGDS, and modeling it in the studies software and updating present and future power grid map
  • Performing different kinds of static and dynamic studies such as; investigating grid operation in disturbances, evaluating present instructions, extracting weak-points of the grid, prioritizing development projects, proposing new development projects in order to increase grid security and stability
  • Receiving power plants control equipment settings such as; power system stabilizer (PSS), turbine and governor, and evaluating the settings from the perspective of grid security and stability, and suggesting new settings if necessary
  • Extracting technical and statistical reports from grid operational indices, and analyzing and comparing it with the optimum conditions to publish periodical reports on grid security and stability, brochures, and monthly & quarterly reports
  • Operating grid comprehensive & coordinated studies which has been done with the Regional Transmission Companies' cooperation and is pursued with the aim of unification of the files and studies procedures in the country's power industry
  • Performing feasibility study and developing the use of new equipment in power industry specifically FACTS tools in the form of grid comprehensive studies

Significant Duties:

  • Receiving grid disturbances investigation reports from Regional Transmission Companies and National Dispatching, analyzing transmission disturbances, providing necessary reports and solutions, and pursuing implementation of the proposed solutions in order to prevent similar disturbances repetition
  • Receiving information related the protection settings in Regional Transmission Companies, performing calculation of the protection relays settings, informing this info to the concerned Regional Transmission Companies and pursuing the provided settings implementation
  • The calculation and provision of the country’s transmission grid unified protection settings
  • Coordination with grid power plants and co-operation in regard to calculating grid connected power plants protection relays settings

Significant Plans:

  • Arrangement and clarification of the objectives and plans related to the system studies and grid protection
  • Performing specialized studies related to the country's power industry protection systems
  • Managing the calculation of the transmission grid protection relays periodically and providing this settings for implementation
  • Managing disturbances study & investigation and abnormal phenomena affecting grid security, and evaluating the causes behind those incidents
Significant Duties:

IGMC's WAMS is based on high- frequency – sampled (20ms) synchro-phasors of voltage and current from phasor monitoring units (PMUs)

PMU receives analog inputs from PTs, and CTs, samples the values and calculates 20 ms Phasors. The resulting phasors are synchronized via GPS signal.

WAMS is used for:
  • Modal Analysis of Inter-Area Osillations
  • Frequency Monitoring
  • Voltage Stability Assessment
  • Power Corridors Monitoring
  • Relative Angles between Areas.
  • Post-Event Analysis

Upgrading security of grid operation by making use of online & offline studies, appointing stability indices, and providing situational awareness

analysis of the disturbances, dynamic Power swings, transient phenomena, abnormal phenomena affecting grid security, and analysis of incidents causes by making use of synchronized phasor data

Monitoring power quality including harmonic pollution rate of the current and voltage values, voltage unbalance, the national grid transmission lines level of loading.

Frequency investigation and studies in normal conditions & incidents, contribution of the power plants in frequency control in the event of major incidents in the national grid, calculating necessary parameters and providing regular reports

Analyzing the voltage violation status, angle stability, and inter-area modal analysis.

Investigating data status and WAMS center equipment availability, and providing regular reports

Significant Plans:

Developing WAMS hardware and software system to fulfill complete visibility of 230 and 400 kv transmission grid, and upgrading the present system

Pursuing the completion of the hybrid dynamic state estimation studies