Saturday 27 February 2021

Public Relations

Nowadays, Public Relations (PR) is remembered as a para-civil entity that facilitates bilateral communications. As a fundamental entity in management system, the importance of its role is to the extent that any organization can't consider itself needless of it. Fortunately, after half a century of establishment of this science in Iran, the nature of this profession has gone beyond mere formality and publicity and has transformed into the communication stage. As enactment of Public Relations' activities, duties and authorities bylaw indicates the government's attention and efforts regarding communications and notification and making communication responsibilities dynamic in the field of PR.

One of the most significant duties of Public Relations is to establish a proper, logical, and consistent relationship with the audience as well as clear information using modern means of communication. Since the establishment of the company, Public Relations of IGMC with the acknowledgement of these duties as the first entity in contact with its audience including employees and stakeholders while relying on its professional responsibilities in order to achieve the company's objectives, tasks and mission has attempted to play its role. Furthermore, it has also benefitted from the employees viewpoints and suggestions for future planning and modifying the current activities. Public Relations of IGMC has been honored to have contribution on strengthening bilateral relations and deepening the spirit of understanding and empathy among managers and employees of the company through the study and survey on the activities of the company, publishing variety of books, catalogues, brochures, producing documentaries to enhance public knowledge on objectives, missions and duties of the company, providing internal and electronic publications, designing and performing the cultural-religious programs and surveys, holding the ceremonies, and also participating in exhibitions, symposiums, and many other events.

Significant Objectives and Duties:
  • Informing
  • Publication
  • Communications
  • Web Content Management
  • Performing Audiovisual and Documentation Affairs
  • Performing Cultural and Publicity Affairs
  • Conducting Opinion Poll
  • Communicating with Beneficiaries
  • Holding National-Religious Ceremonies
  • Holding Exhibitions and Symposiums