Friday 05 March 2021

Our Vision and Mission

  • Our Vision
  • Sustained Security in the Electricity Network
  • Fair Competition in the Electricity Market
  • Open Access to the Electricity Network
  • Our Mission
  • Reliability management, optimum utilization of generation and transmission resources in such a way to ensure safety, security and reliability of power system operation and continuous and dependable service and supply of power and energy at economically acceptable cost, for all consumers anywhere in the network.
  • Providing open access to the electricity network for all applicants of state run or private sectors with the aim of transacting or/and transmitting electricity
  • Making provisions for fair competition and competitive transactions by establishing, operating, and developing electricity market and power exchange
  • Adopting effective policies and operating necessary measures in order to ensure power supply, expanding the participation of private sectors, by developing competitive environment in power generation and distribution within the framework of the policies set by the Ministry of Energy
  • Expanding, outfitting, and managing the National Dispatching Center and presiding over local area operating centers
Note: For attaining a sustainable and secure grid, all the beneficiaries and owners of Generation and Transmission facilities which are connected to the National grid are obliged to follow up and timely execute the decisions made by the national and area operating centers and provide required information and statistics in time.
  • Determining and notifying the settings related to electric power generation and transmission facilities and the required plans to ensure stability and security of the country's electricity network
  • Supervising on proper implementation of regulations, standards, and guidelines relating to the company's fields of activity, and control over owners and operators of electricity generation and transmission facilities to observe the related settings and plans
Note: the company as the agent of the Ministry of Energy is authorized to inspect all or part of generation and transmission facilities of its affiliated companies at any time it deems necessary. The mentioned companies are obliged to observe and execute guidelines of the company as stipulated in the paragraph 2.
  • Conduction, execution of operation, and electricity market and exchange development
  • Bulk transaction of electricity inside and outside the country as well as monitoring such activities and other activities conducted by legal or real entities under the framework of rules and regulations of the electricity market
  • Managing access and transit of electric energy in the grid, including electricity exchange inside and outside the country, as well as taking necessary measures to prevent situations which limit competition in the electricity market
  • Establishing required infrastructure for the electricity generated by non-governmental power plants and suppliers to flow through the national grid
  • Taking required measures for access to the national grid under the framework of approved regulations and based upon fair competition among governmental or non- governmental applicants authorized by the Ministry of Energy to transact and transit electricity, either suppliers (regardless of being a generator or based on the regulations can supply electricity to the grid) or consumers ( regardless of receiving electricity for their own consumption or under the regulations have the intention to supply it to others)
  • Coordinating and managing data transmission systems in the power grid of the country
  • Developing and publishing periodical reports regarding stability and security status of electricity generation and transmission network, and the conditions of competition in the electricity market, and also providing proposals about requirements of the national grid to the generation and transmission and other facilities (including protection and communication systems, optimal provision of spinning reserve, frequency control facilities and reactive power compensation) in order to obtain stability and security of the network and prevent the condition which limits the accessibility or competition in the electricity market and presenting of such reports to the regional electricity companies, Tavanir Co. , and Ministry of Energy
  • Developing the regulations, standards and instructions related to the objectives and subject of activity of the company including permanent operation instructions and presenting them to Ministry of Energy for approval
  • Supporting research, technology development, educational activities, and training the required experts in the company's fields of activity, and cooperation and synergy with other institutes in this regard
  • Carrying out any operation and transaction which is necessary for the company's objectives and in line with the company's subject of activity
  • Performing all duties which Tavanir Co. or Ministry of Energy assigns to the company according to the National Power Authority law which was enacted in 1976 as well as other related laws and regulations