Friday 15 January 2021

Electricity Market Monitoring

Electricity Market Monitoring

In order to make sure of market fairness and probing the market power, collusion, or other forms of anti-competition events within a market, the need for monitoring is evident.

On the other hand, Iran electricity market is in the maturing phase and frequent change in the market regulations is inevitable. In such a condition, market integrity and correct implementation of the legislated regulations are basic concerns.

These two major aspects compose the essential role of Electricity Market monitoring.

The main responsibilities of this bureau are as follows:

  • Provide the Market Operation Bureau with the executive instructions which include the executive details of the processes and calculations needed to execute the legislated rules.
  • Issuing the electricity market analyzing reports for public or governmental organizations in order to clarify the market state.
  • Monitoring the operational procedures of Market Operation Bureau in order to make sure they conform to the executive instructions.
  • Monitoring the players’ actions in the market and report the anomalies to IERB.
  • Preliminary assessment of market players’ objections

Due to the close interaction of market monitoring bureau with the market players for their objections, this bureau have the capability to detects the market power and legislated laws shortcomings. On the other hand, due to open access to the electricity market data, this bureau issues market analyzing reports.