Friday 15 January 2021

Electricity Market Development & Coordination with Power Exchange

Power Exchange Monitoring & Management

Energy Exchange

Nowadays, due to the power system restructuring, electricity could be treated as a merchant instead of a governmental service. It is obvious that one of the clearest mechanisms for merchant pricing is trading at the exchange environment. It was in May 2008 that the Supreme Council of Exchange allows the electricity exchange to be established. In June 2011, to form an integrated energy market, the Council allows the energy exchange to be established in which electricity, oil and derivatives, natural gas, coal and pollution allowance could be traded as merchants. It should be noted that unlike the day ahead electricity market, a double sided auction is hold in the power exchange.

Power Exchange Bureau

The connection bridge between IGMC and energy exchange is the Bureau of Power Exchange Monitoring & Management. Its main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Continues cooperation with energy exchange for sellers and buyers technical monitoring
  • Monitoring the electricity trades data to verify the physical delivery of traded power from sellers to the buyers
  • Updating the data of cleared trades in electricity market information system to be considered in the buyers and sellers issued bills.
  • Preparing and publishing statistical reports,
  • Assessing technical and economic indices of electricity market and energy exchange
  • Scheduling and planning for training the new legislated power exchange related rules to the market players