Friday 05 March 2021

Cross-Border Electricity Exchange

In line with the policies adopted by Ministry of Energy of I.R.Iran to exchange Electric energy with neighboring countries, Iran Grid Management Company (IGMC) has established Cross-border Electricity Exchange Office aiming at implementing the Sale/Purchase Contracts, supervising the operation of interconnection lines, monitoring the electricity transactions, and observing their technical and economic aspects.

Significant Objectives and Duties:
  • Monitoring the operation of interconnection lines and electricity transactions constantly
  • Investigating the technical and economic potential of neighboring countries to evaluate the optimized condition of import/export/exchange/ transit of Electric Energy as well as carrying the feasibility studies
  • Conducting the negotiations, preparing the draft and, engaging in concluding of import/export/exchange/ transit Contracts
  • Planning on development of cross-border trade by expansion of transmission capacity of interconnection lines and synchronization of Iran's power grid with neighboring countries power grids
  • Concluding the Connection Agreements in addition to Sale/Purchase Contracts provided that connection to neighboring countries' power grids will not disturb the internal grid.
  • Settling the technical issues related to in-between Contracts daily and permanently (put the lines on/out of operation).
  • Planning on seasonal regimes of power exchange based on in-between Contracts
  • Measuring, monitoring and balancing of import /export of Electric Energy, issuing of invoices and observing the final revision of sale/purchase/ exchange/ transit of Electric Energy
  • Checking the validity of correspondence energy meters in Iran and neighboring countries through regular testing, sealing and, inspection
  • Settling of any dispute may arise between parties, including issues related to monthly invoices and obtaining the consent of other party.
  • Seeking the receipt of receivables and paying the outstanding debts
  • Providing information such as OPEC oil price, currency exchange rate, etc. from other organizations to estimate the Electric Energy price
  • Membership in technical-economic operation committees aiming at construction and development of lines and supervising the related committees in the field of export /import of Electric Energy